MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse Review

MX Master 2S

  • Sensor Quality and Feel: 7.5/9
  • Looks and Lights: 4.5/5
  • Durability: 5.5/6
  • Ergonomics: 8/10
  • Exterior General Feel: 5/7
  • Button Placements 5/7
  • Weight Appropriateness 5/8
  • Cable Feel: 2/2 (Wireless)
  • Rating: 0.787

The mouse itself feels quite good and is made of material that feels very high quality. The sensor also feels very quick and clean, with no detectable delay. However, the mouse is very heavy and makes my hands tire very quickly. After using the mouse for a long time, the mouse becomes very hard to hold, and even uncomfortable to hold. Honestly, it seems that there is no real reason to buy an office mouse like this, unless you are looking for this type of scroll wheel combined with multi-device switch/usability. There are a lot of gaming mice around the same price that offer more natural, and as a result, more comfortable ergonomics with supposedly better tracking. One such mouse is the G603, which is possibly the best mouse that you can get for the money.

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Below is the picture unboxing


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