An Online Freshman's Awesome Setup!

If everything is TLTR, go to the bottom of the page to see a list of the pieces of hardware.


So, this is my first blog post! This is the start, and you're here to witness it! Well, that is if you got here when everything was starting up. Come on! What were you doing, not looking on TakiWare? It is THE place to talk about tech hardware! Get it? Anyways, let's get right into my setup, the setup of a freshman in high school!

This is just about all of it! I recently moved my setup to a different location, so I am missing a monitor that I usually have in a different, larger desk area. I'm not too sure what kind of chair I'm using, but I sure do know the different pieces of hardware on and around my desk. Let's get right into it!


I know I'm always looking for the mouse first, so I though I'd put it at the top of the hardware list. The mouse I use is a Zowie EC2-A, which is tied for first on the list of my favorite mouse. If you want to see a full list or a review on any of the mouse that I have used, just look around the blog Product Reviews, Setups, and More! Quickly going over the mouse, it has a soft touch plastic chassis, fairly stiff Huano switches, which I find to be one of the best switches I have ever used btw, and a very flexible rubber cable. The scroll wheel is not actually jelly-like, which surprised me, but now it's time for the next piece of hardware in my setup! If you want to find out more about my opinions on the EC2-A, go check it out at the aforementioned blog!



There isn't too much to know about keyboards, but the keyboard that I am using in my setup is the Ducky Shine 1 Cherry MX Black mechanical keyboard. All the default parts are super sturdy, high quality, and don't give way at all. But you guys didn't come to read about the keycaps. What's good about the switches is that they are stiff and linear. However, one thing that is noticeable is that my fingers get tired really quickly, maybe around 20 minutes of constant, fast-typing, because the switches are a bit too stiff at some times. But that's just about the tip of the iceberg. Not really tho. :( There actually isn't that much to talk about for keyboards, so I'll be moving onwards to the next few pieces of hardware, which is the headphone and its various additional components!

Oh yeah I have an average of around 83 wpm on this keyboard. I think. Just a guess.



The headphone that I use is the Sennheiser HD600, and the amps and DACs that I use are the Schiit Modi and the Schiit Magni. There isn't too much to say, but that the HD600s are extremely comfortable and have an amazing soundstage. All you audiophiles and knowledgable audio folk, I'm coming from a closed back Bose headphone, so cut me a bit of slack. There are only two bad things about this setup, which aren't too big of problems. After sitting in front of my monitor for around 10 hours or so, the headset gets a bit painful to wear, which kind of makes sense, as 10 hours is a long time and I have a huge head. The second bad part is that the Schiit stack seems to pop and malfunction at times, leaving me without audio. Now, moving on the monitor, the most expensive part of my setup.



I currently use the 34UC97, which is an amazing monitor. It's so amazing, that I don't really have that much to say about it. It's big, and has a great software that helps with window organization. As many could probably tell from the name, the monitor is 34 inches. Something someone might not be able to tell from the name, however, is that the monitor is curved. All in all, this is an outstanding monitor that is just amazing. Also, the webcam that I use is just a generic Logitech C270, which is actually still pretty cool. Now we can move on to the big boom mic that is just sticking out like a sore thumb in the background.



The mic that I use is actually the Blue Yeti Blackout version, which, in my opinion, is a lot cooler looking than the regular version. The Blue Yeti Blackout sits on top of the Blue Yeti shock mount, which is outrageously expensive, but fairly good quality. It's a bit uncomfortable, as it sometimes can't turn the way that I want it to turn, but it's still a pretty awesome, yet overpriced, piece of hardware. The shock mount and mic is connected to the Rode PSA1, possibly the best quality boom mic that you can get at this price. It's pretty awesome, can move around a lot, and take a lot of weight, so I suggest this mic boom arm to anyone who is looking for one. Now, we move on to the best part of this build: the computer.


Dill PC V2(My Computer)

My PC is slightly outdated, but when I bought the components, they were pretty top notch components.

CPU: Xeon E3-1231 V3

It's a server cpu, but performs basically exactly like a 4770, but at a much lower price, so I went with this cpu. There's nothing to complain about, as it's a pretty awesome cpu that performs very well for the pricepoint it is at.

GPU: GTX 970 Reference Version

I know, I know. I should have bought a third party card, but I was just obsessed with the shroud, so I bought one. This was around half a year after I had built Dill PC V1, so I didn't know too much at the time. The performance is great, but the gpu gets really hot and loud very quickly when under load, but there isn't much I can do about it, so let's move on to the next few parts. These aren't that interesting, so I'll just list them real quickly:

Motherboard: MSI Z97 PC Mate LGA 1150 Motherboard

Case: NZXT H440 No window version

Memory: 2 x 4 GB of Hyper X Kingston RAM, and 2 x 2 GB of generic no heatspreader RAM sticks.

Storage: Toshiba OCZ 960 GB SSD, Kingston SSDNow 240GB Version, and a 1TB WD Blue

And that's about it! If you've stuck for this long, I thank you, and have a great deal for you for being so awesome! If you scroll down further, not just yet, you will find a subscribe to newsletter. To be alerted when you can get hardware that is up to 50% off, straight up base price, subscribe! So, if you want to find out when they come out, and what our secret for getting them so cheap, subscribe to our newsletter! Thanks for reading my first blog post, and I hope you have an awesome day! Cya! BTW, all the links for the products are at the top of the page.

Oh yeah I use a corsair mouse pad or something like that. Pretty good quality, like it a lot. It's called the MM300 and is a very big mouse pad.

Below are all of the links and such to Amazon where you can buy these things

Mouse: BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

Keyboard: I can't really find any reliable seller on Amazon so there is no link.

Headphone: Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone

DAC: Can't find it on amazon so sadly there is no link :(

Amp: Magni 2 Headphone Amplifier

Monitor: Couldn't find the old version that I had, so the updated 34UC98 monitor is here LG 34UC98-W 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor with Thunderbolt

Dill PC V2

CPU: Intel Xeon Processor E3-1231V3B 3.4 4 LGA 1150 (BX80646E31231V3)

GPU: The reference that I use isn't there so I'll just leave it blank for now.

Motherboard: Not really available from Amazon so I left this one blank also.

Case: Look around in the options to find the one that I have NZXT H440 Mid Tower Case, Matte Black (CA-H442W-M8)

Memory: Only the Hyper X RAM HyperX FURY Black 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4 Non-ECC CL14 DIMM Desktop Memory (HX421C14FBK2/16)

Storage: The 960 GB version is not really available, but the others are

Kingston Digital 240GB SSDNow V300 SATA 3 2.5 (7mm height) Solid State Drive (SV300S37A/240G)(SSDNow) & 

WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive (WD10EZEX)(WD Blue 1TB)

 Mouse Pad: Corsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended

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Great setup and site its good to hear someones doing this. If you ever start sponsorships hit me up ik a pro ganer and could use someone like you guys! My gt is Professionalexp and my instagram is SkoomAddictz

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