Initial Impressions and Picture Unboxing of the Razer Lancehead: Wireless Supremacy

As always, the review will be super short and as informative as possible. No unnecessary information will be typed. Hopefully.

Link/Picture to Buy(Pls Use. I is scrub.): 

For the pictures of the unboxing, check out down below. You can look at those pictures in peace without any words to read, except for the words in the pictures.

From first impressions, I can say that the mouse looks VERY cool. The finish is somewhat gray, which I like, and the lighting on the mouse is fantastic. However, the shape seems slightly off in my hands. The mouse seems to be fairly thin. Other than the thin body of the mouse, I'd say that the mouse is actually fairly comfortable to use. The rest of the review and specs will come later in the month, so subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated! (Oh, what's this? A plug! Actually several plugs.)

Unboxing Pictures:

 Shipping Box: 

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