Razer Lancehead: Wireless Supremacy Final Thoughts and Review After 30 Hours of Use

The Razer Lanchead. Oh boy, where to start, where to start. To see the specific parts of the review you want to know about, just look for the big bold letters that will tell you what section of the review you are looking at. For now, I will start with the ergonomics, arguably one of the more important things about a gaming mouse.

Ergonomics and Exterior: The exterior, despite being ambidextrous, actually feels amazing in the hand. Although it does seem to fit a claw style grip as the mouse is a bit low, even after several hours of use in a row, the mouse is still very comfortable and does not make my hand feel fatigued. However, if you do have a more palm-style grip, I would recommend looking at something like the G403 or the Mamba. The plastic is actually of a matte material, and does not leave any fingerprints or marks, unless you like to eat something with your hands while playing games. The only additional complaint that I have with the mouse is with the rubber side grips. They look cool and all, but because the rubber is not a constant layer, but full of small divots, my hand starts to slip after several hours of use. Do note that this only happens after a VERY long time. So besides my single gripe about the side grips, the shape, feel, and exterior of the mouse is fantastic.

Tracking (Sensor and Wireless Capabilities)Performance: This section’s going to be a short one, as there is not much to talk about besides how great the sensor and wireless capabilities are. Although the sensor is a laser sensor, it feels and performs like an optical sensor. Additionally, the wireless sensor works very well, and it does not feel like my actions are being delayed in any way. One additional note that I have to add here is how great the battery life is. Although the mouse is wireless and I played around 3 hours a day for a week, I only had to charge my mouse once after the original 100% recharge. 


However, there is one big thing to note that I have realized only recently, and that is the unreliability of the sensor. As I have used this mouse more and more, I have realized how often the mouse disconnects and how often the cursor zips across my screen, making me look up in the sky or at some random place in a corner.

Overall Feel of the Mouse:

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a wireless mouse that you want to use in a gaming environment and a regular use environment, I would say that this may be the mouse to go with. The shape is super comfortable, the lights are super clear, and the mouse feels like a wired mouse when used in-game. Not to mention that the battery life of the mouse is amazing. And, if you want to support me and my super small website, you can go ahead and buy the mouse through the links below. If you don’t want to though, that’s fine too. Oh yea, I’m also giving away the Razer Lancehead, so check out the giveaway link below for more information.

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