TakiWare Giveaway Information, List, and Links

Hello there! I see that you want to participate in a giveaway. All of the giveaways that we have completed and are currently running or below here. The conditions and requirements to participate in each giveaway will be right next to the giveaway links, so look for more information on each giveaway there. 

Razer Lancehead Wireless Version Giveaway(Currently running)

The conditions to participate in this giveaway are quite simple: Like and follow my facebook page! That’s it!

Once we hit 1k additional likes and follows on the TakiWare Facebook page, I’ll go ahead and do a random chance search thing to choose and winner and direct message one of you guys for your information!

Note: Before I draw the person that will win the giveaway, I will announce it on my Facebook page. If you do win, all I will ask for is your email address. Once I get the winner’s email address, I will ask them for additional information like address and additional notes for the delivery. Please do not randomly give away your information, and make sure that the Facebook page asking for your information is the TakiWare page. Also, the mouse does not come with warranty.

Facebook Page: facebook.com/TakiWare